Thursday, 16 October 2008

Crazy English Summer

So we've reached October - that magical month of looming tax return deadlines, early-bird Christmas-themed shop displays and, surprisingly, the sun we never had in August. After a couple of rainy weddings in the so-called "height of summer" (how high exactly?) we're enjoying some gorgeous weather for this fully-booked month of crisp autumn leaves!

Last weekend we travelled up to the Lake District to shoot Lisa and John's wedding; as we drove through some rain-god's temper tantrum on the motorway, and were cajoled through stair-rods towards our destination by my faithful (if somewhat temperamental) sat-nav, we hung our heads at the thought of what a mid-October wedding in the Lake District would be like - and made sure we'd packed waterproofs and umbrellas.

Then, awakening in a lovely little boathouse on the shore of Lake Windermere to a beautiful blue sky, we realised it was all going to be alright. In the end it was a particularly relaxed day - John and Lisa were wonderful to work with, and there's a great candid feel to the finished album. Some of our favourite photos:

The blue sky!

The father of the bride trusts the groom to look after his vintage Morris...

A quiet moment together...

The speech...

Next weekend we're off to Coventry, so here's hoping the weather holds!

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Industrial estate?

Last weekend we were a bit closer to home: for those that know it, Osney Mead Industrial Estate in west Oxford. What were we doing there, I hear you ask? A product shoot for some new pallet-shipping company? Headshots for the managers of the cash-and-carry? No - it was in fact a wedding at Oxford Community Church, held in what used to be an electromagnet factory. It's now a very smart conference and function centre as well as being a church building big enough for every one of Sam and Abi's numerous friends.

Smiles and laughs were plentiful, and we really enjoyed the day as a fantastic wedding as well as a job well done. We had a wonderful time with Sam and Abi, who were up for anything; even reacting positively when we suggested posing next to a giant red freight container!

Like mother, like daughter...

Did someone say "excited"?

Smiles all round

A touch of industry...

A candid snap...

Mum and Dad

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