Friday, 30 January 2009

No rest for the... photographers

Sincere and abject apologies to those of you who have been checking back recently, hoping to find more news from everyone's favourite Oxford-wedding-photographer-with-a-studio-on-Cowley-Road. He's been busy.

Naomi and Jonathan got married just before Christmas - a special time for so many reasons, but specially for us at Simplicity Photography - it marks another year that's gone by since our first paid wedding for our great friends James and Charley, back in the day!

Far from being just another wedding, Naomi and Jonathan's day was fantastic - as if I needed reminding that this is the best job in the world! Perfect weather, amazing location, fun guests, and an incredibly photogenic couple - what more could a photographer ask for?

Some of our favourite shots from the day:

A sneaky kiss...

The gorgeous location...

A late-night serenade

Even later-night dancing with an incredible band