Monday, 27 July 2009

A day in the life of a wedding photographer...

Every so often, the stars and planets come into line to form a wonderful combination that you just couldn't have bettered. Louise and I are privileged to have some amazing friends and two in particular feature quite a lot in this blog post - David and Rachel.

There's nothing better than doing what you love - unless you count doing what you love surrounded by friends. David and Rachel's wedding was exactly like that for us. Often our friends are hesitant to ask us to shoot at their weddings, because they're afraid we won't be able to enjoy the day as guests. On the contrary - we have a great time at weddings, and even more so when we're shooting people we know well.

So far in this blog I've only really included a few select favourites from each wedding - however, for this one I've decided to do something slightly different. We take so many photos at a typical wedding, and only a selection of these go through the post-processing/photoshopping that gives a lot of our images a trademark style. But that's not to say we don't like all the other photographs - there are often some corkers there as well!

So for Rachel and David's wedding, I've condensed every single one of the 5,669 photos into a 10-minute stream, so you can get a feel for the sheer number of photos we take, and how we see everything that goes on during the day! I hope you feel the same as we feel when we're there, in the midst of fun, families, and some great characters!