Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Ardington House - the return

As ardent readers of this blog may remember, back in May 2009 we photographed a beautiful wedding at Ardington House, one of Oxfordshire's most lovely venues ( Summer has come around again, and almost exactly one year later, we're back at Ardington House for the wedding of Robyn and Tim - two of the most photogenic people you could hope to meet.

The venue was still stunning, the staff friendly and beaming, the sun came out just at the right moments, and the blossom trees were in full bloom. Perfect.

Some of our most memorable shots from the day...

Robyn being beautified...

The dress!

There aren't many venues where you can take this shot...


Enjoying the blossom!

Standing on chairs and kissing, is, apparently, a Dutch tradition. And it's very fun!

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